What Are The Acceptable Grounds For Termination

Hiring and firing employees are normal when you are in the workplace. However, when your boss terminates you for no reason at all or if you believe you were relieved from duty because of racism or because of your sexual orientation or when you were only exercising your legal rights, then that my friend, should be something to think about. You can visit this website to know more about unfair dismissal and more importantly so you can talk to a qualified unfair dismissal lawyer about your case.

But before you do that, make sure that you are aware of acceptable grounds for termination. There are some companies that that can terminate you at any given time for no reason at all especially if you are not covered by an employment contract or by a bargaining agreement. In such case, you cannot pretty much do anything about it. But do keep in mind that majority of employers do not just fire their employees without a cause. This means that when an employer fires you, they must have very valid and specific reasons for doing so.

Take a look at some of the reasons why employees get fired, so you can make a list of the things you shouldn’t do or things you should avoid to keep your job.

  1. Damaging Company Property

Damaging a company property is already considered an offence that could warrant termination whether it was intentional or not. If what you did have led to a damage in company equipment or property then might as well accept their decision if they do decide to fire you.

  1. Possession Of Drugs And/Or Alcohol

Coming to work when you are inebriated or high on drugs is an offence that can lead to immediate termination. Not only will this interfere with your performance, taking drugs is illegal by state law as well.

  1. Falsifying Company Records

Falsifying company records is unethical and it could also result in potential legal problems in the company.

  1. Insubordination

Sure, you don’t necessarily have to say yes all the time and there could be times when you disagree with your employer but when you deliberately refuse to obey their orders or if you manifest obstructionist behaviour then your job could be in danger. If there are instances where you want to express disagreement, do it in a polite manner or you can contact the Human Resources department and ask someone to help you with the negotiation.

  1. Poor Performances

Once you are employed, the company will have certain expectations when it comes to your performance because that’s what they are paying you for. But if they see that you are not doing your duty as indicated in your job description, then they could fire you anytime. The company will not see you as a good investment and they would rather let you go and find a replacement than have you stay.

If you were fired because of the reasons highlighted above then you have no right to complain because the company you used to work for have all the reasons to terminate you and cut you off their system. But if you were fired for no particular reason and you were diligently doing your job as you were told then perhaps it’s about time you seek the services of an unfair dismissal lawyer.